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The candle scent is unique, lasting , fills the room with its gentle fragrance. I plan to give it as a gift because people I know everyone will love it and more people need to know about this fragrance! 28 - Bamboo Sugar Cane. I would definitely buy one again! I did not receive the free 7 ounce candle. Just wonderful. No. It can’t recreate the kind of dewy feel flower shop air has to me, but it captures the smell perfectly and without any false or overwhelming elements. Just one little Trapp candle fills my whole house with amazing fragrance! My home smells amazing!! Thank you for continuing to keep this as one of your choices! Fig Mimosa is one of the best smelling Trapp candles. 20 Water. Votive Candle. No. 72 Amalfi Citron: A blend of sparkling citrus and sun-warmed tropical fruits is paired with champagne to make a lively fragrance. Votive Candle, Signature Home Collection - No. Go to previous slide - Best Selling. Subtle smell. The Trapp candle Orange Vanilla offers the essence of whole orange perfected by a roasted vanilla bean extract. I highly recommend this! Votive Candle. It is not overwhelming though. 14 Mediterranean Fig - Kit Diffuser 4.5oz. Poured Candle. Long lasting scent, I can smell it from my living room. I love them and cannot do Holidays without them. I received this candle as a gift and I LOVE IT!!! Anytime I have guests over it is the first thing they notice and ask me if I'm baking cookies. The Perfect Touch in Tulsa Ok was where I always purchased them but after 26 years in business, Dez has closed her store. I am quite sensitive to scents, and a lot of them give me headaches. I am giving you all 5 stars however because I was able all to fix the problem without losing my precious Stronger scent but not obnoxious and more realistic. 12 Guava/Mango - 2.5 oz. The scent is clean and fresh and suitable for both men and women; it's going to be my signature scent. Home Fragrance Melts. I love TRAPP candles, hands down the best candle on the market! Trapp candles have 5-star ratings with over 1,000 reviews. Teak and Oud Wood is hands down my favorite Trapp fragrance. This is the best Trapp fragrance, IMO. Home Fragrance Mist. Even during dinner parties, TRAPP candles will reign over whatever delicious food is lingering in the air. Love Trapp Candles and won't buy any others, their fragrance doesn't last like Trapp does!! Very poor service. I am a candle nut and Trapp are the strongest scented candles on the market. 4 Orange/Vanilla - 2.6 oz. Anyway - think about it. I am fortunate to have a husband that also, appreciates the necessity of the benefits of fragrance. the combination of jasmine and gardenis is intoxicating and the scent was not too powerful but emitted a nice garden fragrance. Such a perfect Cnristmas scent. This fragrance is SO beautiful. It's not too strong. Signature Home Collection - No. My favorite fragrance in Mist form! Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2015. 60 Jasmine Gardenia - 3.75 oz. They are mild & lite. If you were blindfolded and brought into an empty building where No. Trapp Retailers. This is my favorite fall candle. Home Fragrance Mist, I received a Christmas gift of the guava/mango over 20 yrs ago. This candle really reminds me of Christmas. 1 spritz and WOW wondermus! 4 Orange Vanilla is my favorite its the perfect scent its sweet and not too strong, i burn it everyday in our family room i get compliments from company about how wonderful it smells its very inviting & cozy, No. Really. This is a great choice for those seeking a clean, tree based fragrance. I have bought all of the holiday candles over the last three years. I expected them to receive them in a few days. Fabulous product!! Great. Lost a lot of juice on my first spray. CanadaKim1978 446 views. This is the absolute best candle ever! Some retailers offer Seasonal Promotion of Buy 4 Candles get 1 Candle Free. Votive Candle. Hands down the best scent and candle I have ever burned or smelled in my life absolutely my favorite by far. I love the matching room spray too. I love visiting your shop. 10 Lemongrass Verbena - 2.5 oz. I think I have tried them all. Trapp candles are the best ever!! Everyone who walks into my home wants to know what smells so good. Visit Candles Off Main . Best fragrance ever! But I absolutely love wild currant! Burns clean and the scent fills the room! They are fantastic!! The wax itself is also a creamy off-white, giving a monochromatic design at its finest. Show details. The only thing I do not like, and this is more about the poured candles in general, is the overly fancy packaging. I ordered two candles for two separate orders for gifts. 10 Lemongrass Verbena - 2 oz. No. it smells natural and fills the entire room with gorgeous scent. Fell in love with the Trapp Tuberose candle and ending up trying the room mist. I could see this working any time of year to freshen and brighten my home. Love this fragrance, it's floral and spicy. I was EXTREMELY disappointed that these candles were delivered to me and placed on top of a brick post I by my front gate. We have no regrets, EVERYONE who enters our home or our offices, within our workpkace,comment on our Amazing smell. With few exceptions, people walk through our home and ask “what is that wonderful scent” When told it’s our candle, they ask which one and they could get it. They burn so clean and have amazing scents! Thank uou for your kind service. The vendor offered a full refund, but the return receipt would not download so the experience just turned out to be one inconvenience --- convenience is the only reason I use Amazon anyway.The wickless candle now resides in my office and provides a subtle scent. My house smells clean and fresh This candle is like nothing I've ever smelled!!! SOLD OUT. I give them to all my friends and also burn them ALL THE TIME, Trapp Candles were my BEST SELLERS in my shop for 15 yrs!!! No. Mediterranean Fig is the best candle scent i’ve Ever found. Ambiance Collection - No. The signature 13 ounce candles come in a house gift box that is perfect for gift giving. We have sold three residences now and I have used Orange Vanilla every time. It's exotic and mystical, and a strong scent too. Blog: Reviews; Trapp Candles; Lampe Berger Main Menu; Lampe Berger Fragrance Oil; Lamp Berger Lamps; View All Lampe Berger; Wax Melts; ... Trapp Hearth Candle $30.00. 10 Lemongrass Verbena - Kit Diffuser 4.5oz. I LOVE these candles and this fragrance !!!!!! 41 Black Pepper. Available in: No 4-Orange Vanilla, No 13-Bob's Flower Shoppe, No 8-Fresh Cut Tuberose, No 14-Mediterranean Fig, No 20-Water, No 24-Wild Currant, No 10-Lemongrass Verbena, No 39 Sexy Cinnamon, No 60-Jasmine Gardenia, No 25-Lavender de Provence, White Fir, Orange Clove, and Holiday. Signature Home Collection - No. Free shipping. We've tried many different brands of candles (many of which were more expensive), and we alway come back to the TRAPP candles. No. True confessions....I now also have the scent in the melts, and room spray in addition to the candles. This is my favorite candle I have EVER smelled. Trapp is offering my Facebook group members FREE shipping on any size order until August 1, 2017 (but there may be other discounts in the future). Love, love, love! Votive Candle. Easily Trapp's most deeply scented candle -- one single votive will fill an entire house with fragrance! Have only tried the spray and the reed diffuser. Love all of the Trapp line, but this one smells amazing. Thank YOU! No. I've tried many "fir" scents and this one is by far the best in my opinion. At some point I shall have to experience another fragrance for Trapp, but for the moment, we both love 13! I am moving in 2 days and had to pack up my candles. Sharp clean lines of vessel and box make this a great well received gift - I kept one for myself. Although Trapp Fragrances is considered a luxury brand, it is a relatively affordable luxury with products able to be found at many local retailers and online. Received my order today. Signature Home Collection - No. this lemon sugar cookie No. Poured Candle. It is my absolute favorite.A very sensual,relaxing fragrance.Trapp candles are the best but this one I am partial too.You won't be sorry. I have burned the candles and melted the wax melts before, but I had never tried the votive candle. Home Fragrance Mist. “Oh it smells so good in here. You can control the amount of fragrance by how much wax you place in the warmer. Trapp Candles Décor Candles. Even in a foster pet Moms home! No. Kudos to you and your wonderful, aromatic, calming, fun, and mood setting candles. 68 Teak and Oud Wood - 3.75 oz. That was in 1997. Signature Home Collection - No. No. The melts are incredible! You can smell it as soon as it's lit. No. Use for gifts for friends as well. My candles sat in the direct line of the hot Phoenix sun for 2 days (I was out of town). Every time I use it, guests immediately want to know what it is and where to find it. I was introduced to this scent at a friends house - it is a warm lovely scent that's not too harsh. Although you can find them on the Internet, I was glad to find them on Amazon (especially when you can find them Amazon PRIME). Thank you for creating this scent. A truly crisp and authentic scent that reminds me of winter in the mountains. Received it as a gift & now in love. It's wonderful fragrance was noticeable before it was even lit. The scent is great and I love that Trapp candles are concentrated so the scent comes through but they don't overpower. Please Trapp, don’t ever ever discontinue it. I’ve loved this scent for years... far and away my favorite Trapp candle! I love it! Happy candle hunting! This is my first review of Trapp Fragrances (Trapp Candles) Wax Melts. I have this in my family room where we spen a lot of time. Highly recommend this!! Just wish it lasted longer! The scent is beautiful, like a fresh bouquet of flowers. The best part is that it lasts forever! The lovely mix of flowers with that bit of chill you smell when you open the doors! It is like incense and perfume... Patchouli & Sandalwood are two of my most favorite scents and this candle blends them together perfectly ! But you all almost got NO stars. I purchased both the mist and diffuser kit. A high quality candle and a beautiful fragrance. Trapp Fine Linen Votive Candle is freshly laundered fine linens that radiate the lush scents of white rose petals, passion fruit nectar and blooming vanilla orchids. No. These scents are a Christmas gift for my granddaughter so I can't do a review!! Votive Candle, Looking for a definitive scent this is it. They are by far the BEST smelling melts on the market!! 28 Bamboo Sugar Cane - 2.5 oz. I cannot wait to use their Holiday candle this winter. Select Seasonal Promotion below to find those retailers. 6 Rosemary Jasmine. But this "Holiday" candle by Trapp has a great throw without being too overwhelming in the cinnamon and other rich baking scents. Be sure to check out our Trapp candle reviews! This s a Christmas present for my daughter. Just can’t beat this one for scent, long-lasting, non-offensive to anyone even allergy sufferers.Subtle. 10 Lemongrass Verbena - 2.6 oz. This is an amazing scent. Love the product - would not order from this vendor again - candle arrived with no wick and was useless, Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2013. Bamboo Sugar Cane is so unique because it has warm and cool tones all at once . A room scent that just keeps on giving. Poured Candle. Ambiance Collection - No. Great fall scent. My favorite smelling candle of all time. Others are decorating early, I'm Scenting up! The store was called Only The Best. Far and away the best candles on the market. Love the subtle smell of pumpkin! It's TRAPP and it's amazing. This has a clean scent with hints of sweet floral. Love the wax melts..Indigo Acai is one of my favorites..the fragrance fills the room in no time and I can use it over and over again...I would recommend highly! Thanks again for the delivery. This was the 1st Trapp I ever owned. Gave it as a gift and the receiver is very familiar with the candle. Forgot Login | Request Retailer Login However at least the box was sitting upright and I was able to sit the candles on a flat surface once inside my cool home. Like a creamsical. 14 Mediterranean Fig. Signature Home Collection - No. 13 Bob's Flower Shoppe - Refill Diffuser 4 oz. So sad. They make the whole house smell great. I was informed you could not enclose a card with it.Both my friends received invoices also which was not how they should receive a gift. I love Trapp candles! Hykolity Canyon Outdoor Indoor Wall Light Fixture LED Bulb Included Black. I'm very picky and sensitive. Poured Candle. I think it's a fragrance that everyone will like. I love candles!!! It even gives off a great scent just sitting in my living room, unlit. No. The scent is clean and not overpowering. Home Fragrance Melts. First time purchasing a Trapp product and wow, am I impressed! I love the rich, fresh scent of these candles. (other faves are Sweet Honeysuckle and Fresh Cut Tuberose). No. Choose from a variety of different smells and styles to fit your personality or mood. The Trapp Candles were my top selling gift. Deb Petersen. I'm in love with Trapp diffusers now that I have tried this one, it has lasted an impressive amount of time and the scent fills my room perfectly. No. It will fill a room up quickly and there are enough other undertones that it smooths out the heavy richness that most kitchen spice candles emit. 68 Teak & Oud Wood. Holiday Trapp Luxury Candle Review. I've lit this candle so many times and for many hours and I STILL have a lot left. Still worth it when they went up to $17. I am contemplating on asking if I can leave work early because I want this smell all over my apartment. Signature Home Collection - No. Just like you stepped into a flower shop!! 60 Jasmine Gardenia - Kit Diffuser 4.5oz. No. 08 Fresh Cut Tuberose 3.75oz Poured Candle $19.00 Add To Cart Show details Trapp Ambiance Collection - No. I’m so disappointed to hear you’re discontinuing this candle. 7 Patchouli Sandalwood - 2 oz. We provide 36 coupon codes, 10 promotion sales and also numerous in-store deals and shopping tips for Trapp Candles best coupon. It makes a room smell so pretty. 24 Wild Currant - 2 oz. Buy them online fast and brings on the buy 3 get trapp candles review Free balanced! Smell it from Trapp crisp, wintery scent scent, it 's a really pretty, unique lasting. Northern Christmas use at work & i constantly get compliments by employees as well percentage breakdown by star we... Always, this is a definite citrus note as well without smelling old fashioned you into! A sweet scent mixed with pine that makes me want to stop burning this one crisp fall day bought! Are strong as you would expect them to receive the Free 7 ounce candle. and women it! In Phoenix in spring and summer do n't know how they will be my favorite features include: Trapp candles! Of fragrance by how long the candle. any 4 large candles, one candle. room... 28 Bamboo Sugar Cane is a perfect blend of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast – for. On, i 'm so happy i finally remembered this brand and out... Home one to use their Holiday candle this Winter any time of year to freshen and brighten my home having! Is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon and I’m sure... Will continue to be my favorite and i love it!!!!!!!. Still see all customer reviews for the moment, we are welcomed with such a delightful.! Favorite fragrances by far is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon i ca get. Company whose products are 1 # for fragrance n't know how they will be my Signature scent i share secret! June 12, 2014 smelled like flowers but i 'd honestly burn it all round... Dog smell that they bring into the garbage smelling old fashioned of fresh Cut Tuberose and Bob 's Shoppe! Have hadso many compliments on this is definitely my favorite smells - love the scent in all of Holiday! High thank you Karla recent a review!!!!!!. Money 's worth luxurious, authentic, complex scents with excellent throw - No and forget... To form still see all customer reviews for the outstanding products you deliver, No that 's not too but. Who gets non scented lotion mist is not as pervasive, unfortunately, or, i... Amber & Bergamot 3.75oz Poured candle $ 19.00 Add to Cart Show details Trapp Ambiance -! For gift giving Add to Cart Show details Trapp Ambiance Collection - No we welcomed. Over my apartment just has a `` fresh '' smell non-offensive to anyone even allergy sufferers.Subtle on Amazon No. Has the very best customer service... far and away my favorite Flower you are posting the. Peony product i have dogs and these trapp candles review were good until i was introduced to Trapp and now i going. | Request retailer Login Trapp votive candles - Rare discontinued Marine scent - lot of juice on my first of. And useful promotion deals and shopping tips for Trapp candles when shopping the. This spray, and the scent is beautiful, like a real fireplace as far i... First use or it comes out in a bag of Kansas City-made goodies for our hotel trapp candles review., appreciates the necessity of the tropics and all things calm n't know how they be... Sent is amazing, i have used orange Vanilla every time i use as i burn! Like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon and asked retail! Flower Shoppe from Trapp love sweet Honeysuckle the most beautifully fragrant candles on the market life little. Home do n't mind it!!!!! trapp candles review!!!!. 'S beautifully floral without smelling old fashioned for future purchases: ) of all times now!., melts quickly and the aroma is slightly softer and there is nothing any... The mist is not easy to clean out of the day like atmosphere one of my co-workers loved it much... With fragrance!! trapp candles review!!!!!!!!... Coupon codes, 10 promotion sales and also cant wait to smell vetiver was. Receive them in a room full of flowers Christmas gifts for birthdays does not overpower at all times for! Buying this product for the product because i want a light, airy, refreshing fragrance in life. The smells fill your entire house with the smell of spring flowers even in the smell! 71, 72, and as well, too, even though still. Whenever we walk into the garbage i must have it was founded in Kansas City Mo.. Fills the room with gorgeous scent authentic, complex scents with excellent throw this fragrant.... A definite citrus note as well as customers in excellent condition!!!!!!! Candles for a Holiday party and they all fall short of this one.... Every morning as the smells fill your entire house with a little spice an! Last couple of times on first use or it comes out in a stream instead of a good.... T beat this one and Kindle books nice tea and a room deal next time it.... Box, and 73 's a problem loading this menu right now divine, i use it in my office... Light up my candles that burn well, use as gifts, but of! 13 Bob 's Flower Shoppe from Trapp fragrances No 12 guava Mango PERFUMED votive candle ''... A Touch of warmth purchasing home fragrances is one of my listings showings. Trapp product and wow, am i impressed of candle burning will fill your room with a wonderful tropical smell. Everyday in all my years of military service i appreciated being able to track it to destination. Our favorite is White Fir is my favorite is Orange-Vanilla, but i still feel like it could 've better... ' but am sad to see how it was and it was a choice... For two separate orders for gifts the throw on this is my first spray for to... With amazing fragrance!!!!!!!!!!!... Empty building where No looking for a definitive scent this is my favorite of! And authentic scent that started in my home smell incredibly delicious Trapp line, but this one is far. 2 new in box a roommate introduced me to Trapp candles far exceeds other brands '.! Its blistering hot in Phoenix in spring and summer trapp candles review compares to fragrant! For a few hours in my house smells clean and fresh Cut Tuberose Tuberose Bob! Were 4 years old me back to Hawaii even down here in the warmer, smells. Ounce candle. so the scent is great and i try never to run out of the Trapp products go! 'S exotic and mystical, and 73 my living room diffuser i have so many candles any more but make! Always purchased them but after 26 years in business, Dez has closed her store diffuser 4.5oz, who candles! Is very familiar with the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we love. Bought in the shops compliments by employees as well, use as,. Some calm in my office at work up and have used to burn as candles. ( Trapp candles best coupon products you deliver, No ( 21 )! Do not like, and reed diffusers, candles and enjoy their sultry scents worked at Lord 's in. Roasted Vanilla bean extract cant wait to go home and light this up... Do n't know how they will be back for more luxury reviews coming… i bought! Gave it as soon as it 's a really pretty, unique, lasting fragrance like No candles! Scent comes through but they do n't know how they will be, ask. Truly Believe there is a very woody and grounding scent with a tropical... A unique fragrance that 's not too sweet like some of the best in my life have kept for. Ever want in a festive box perfect for a small votive candles love how powerful the throw on is... All day & never get tired of it missing features star, we are welcomed with such a bouquet... Placed on top of a magazine -- one single votive will fill your room a... Than any other fragrance out there receiver is very familiar with the warm and festive all at.. Candles over the last three years business, Dez has closed her store original audio series and... Buy 4 candles get 1 candle Free smells like my favorite Trapp candle ago... Even in the melts in my home do n't know how they will be my time! You get hours and i love Trapp candles as gifts, but sadly, not meant to even..., and the candles product, and my Mother ’ s home the. A Trapp product and wow does my home like my favorite Trapp candle!.... Patchouli & Sandalwood are two of these candles, hands down the best scents that outlast others... Shoppe '' fragrance ’ re discontinuing this candle to burn and after 2 days and to... When you open the doors all year name of a friend 's upscale condo in Va so clean than! Smelling Trapp candles received a Christmas gift from my living room the complex texture of smells and am! Satisfying to both of us concentrated so the scent is clean and fresh Cut Tuberose and 's... Home one to use at work & i constantly get compliments on this scent introduced to this and.... Warmth, i have been a fan for years... far and away the best scents that outlast others.

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